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Jim Bell

Owner, Woodworker

After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree from University of Maryland and spending over 20 years in the military and federal government I decided to purse my passion in woodworking.

Living in Vermont in early 2000s I attended the North Bennett Street School, a prestigious fine woodworking school in Boston, Massachusetts, dedicated to providing hands-on training in artisan trades. This vigorous and detailed education  enhanced my understanding of the design and build of cabinetry and furniture and allowed me to gain new skills and techniques in the art of fine craftsmanship. Following this training, I received formal apprenticeship under a German woodworker in Vermont focused on handcrafted tool use in joinery, planing, finishing, and the design of period furniture.

With solid skill set and background, I established a small workshop in Vermont in 2004, which I named "Juniata (ju-nee-AH-ta) Woodworking" for the neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA where I was born. The products that I focused on during this early venture included hand-drawn design, cabinetry & built-ins, fireplace mantels, bookcases, entertainment centers, carving, and inlay & marquetry. Each piece meeting the client's requests and preferences, creating a uniquely built piece of work that proudly bears the brand “Hand Crafted — Juniata Woodworking — E Fairfield, Vermont.”

In 2012, my family and I moved to Northern Virginia, but my dream of continuing my woodworking business never faded. I eventually retired from the federal government and we recently moved to Winchester, Virginia where I registered my veteran-owned workshop and can fully purse my passion and dream of creating fine woodworking products. Juniata Custom Woodworking, LLC takes great pride in creating functional pieces of work through the skill, high quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and imagination. Our overall philosophy is to meet the client’s needs first and produce quality work. We will provide services in any area with the utmost dedication and mastery.

Juniata Custom Woodworking, LLC is a fully trained, licensed, and insured small business workshop that will provide the best service possible so you, the customer, is completely satisfied.

Michael Reid


Mike comes to us with a great deal of knowledge and skill set in the art of fine woodworking.  As an understudy (3.5 years) to an English Woodworker, Martin Robinson, in Berryville, Virginia, Mike learned the skill of fine woodworking focusing on build construction, gliding, french polishing, veneering, antique period furniture restoration, and custom woodworking pieces to hone his talents to a special level of uniqueness.  

Mike studied Mechanical Engineering in New Zealand to have an understanding of how things work and why. His time in that program led to woodworking and building custom furniture.  In addition, Mike played professional rugby in the United States, most recently, DC Glory. As hobbies are concerned, Mike loves building things from hand tools to axes. When he is not building things, Mike spends time with his wife and dogs at the local brewery or doing outdoor activities in West Virginia.

We are so lucky and fortunate to have Mike's dedication, inspiration, and creativity at Juniata Custom Woodworking, LLC.






Personal Touch

Our team will complete a consultation with you to design a piece that complements your personal style, is designed to fit your home or business, and reflects the quality of craftsmanship that is our standard. Our design specialist will present your design by either 2D hand-drawn design, digital design, or combination of both.

Once you are satisfied with the design, we require a 40% deposit for purchase of lumber and materials from our local suppliers. We will then create the piece by combining your personal touch with our experience and craftsmanship.


Locally Handcrafted

In 2004, Juniata Woodworkingte began as a one person shop with the idea of producing period furniture. Since then, a lot has changed, but what remains the same is the dedication, craftsmanship, and imagination that goes into each piece.

The quality of handcrafted construction is paramount and includes attention to detail and ensuring each step of the process is performed to the highest standard.

The completed construction of a piece depends on its size and complexity. We will provide an estimated timeframe for completion that takes into consideration all of these factors.


Personal Care and Attention

Finishing is the most important step in the woodworking process. Surface finishes willl not only add to the unique personality of a piece, but will also ensure that your product will last longer. The details of hardwood selection, perfect stain choice, or the simple application of sanding, undercoats, and topcoats used will determine the final outcome of the piece quality. Whether your piece is hand painted or finished with an HVLP spray system, every piece receives personalized care and attention.


Our Workshop

Locally Veteran-Owned

Our 3,000 square foot building is a small locally-owned shop that is a woodworker’s dream. Each woodworker has his or her own bench with plenty of space to move around. In addition, the shop has finish area, lumber storage space, several essential pieces of cabinet machinery, and two loading docks for delivery & installation.

The workshop is conveniently located in the beautiful rural setting of Winchester, Virginia. With local suppliers of hardwood lumber and materials to order, we have the ability to meet your needs while also maintaining a personal touch.

We invite you to make an appointment to see our workshop, view samples of our work, and see why Juniata Custom Woodworking, LLC is the right partner for your project.

We take great pride in offering a wide variety of fine woodworking skills in order to make your home, office, or furniture a dream come true. With a mastery in design, custom tool and hardware fabrication, joinery, carving, inlay & marquetry, finishing, and a passion for artistry, we build with dedication, craftsmanship, and imagination.

Services and specialities include: cabinetry, built-ins, entertainment centers & bars, storage benches, window seats, closets & pantries, home offices, furniture, and light carpentry (related).

If you have an idea and want to design a piece, please contact us!

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