Creative Touch to The Finishing Process

Published by Jim Bell, Owner     June 12th, 2021

Finishing is the most important part of the process in selecting your product and services from a custom woodworker. It is the permanent part of the process that looks at the wood species selection, method by which the wood is prepared, and the application of the stains and paints from which we choose. When working with a custom woodworker every piece of work receives the personalized care and attention to detail that makes it an authentic custom woodwork.

The first question the customer should ask, “Is how is the wood piece prepared after the construction of the design?” For instance, a custom woodworker, after construction, will always look at the imperfections of the construction by eliminating its imperfections by scraping, planing, and sanding the areas of concern. Often, the area of imperfections will be soften and smooth of the areas of concern. Sometimes as a customer, you can notice the areas that have been scraped, planed, and sanded, especially, if applied with a paint added to your wood piece.

The second question the customer should ask, “Is the process that the custom woodworker takes to apply the coatings alter the wood’s color and aesthetic look?” This is the most important communication link between the customer and the custom woodworker to remain in constant contact in order to arrive at the final outcome of your wood project. For instance, I use a finisher’s color wheel designed by Color Concepts, Inc. to show my clients the type of stains and paints that will show the product its color chosen. After the client selects the stain or paint of chose, you should ask the custom woodworker to show a sample size of the stain or paint on the piece of wood for which you have chosen. Once arrived at your decision of choice, you may want to ask the custom woodworker on the application method by which the stain or paint is applied. Will it be applied by brush or a spray system? I would even go into as detailed as possible to the brush (foam or bristle use) or if spray system used (HVLP turbine spray system, airless system, or air compressor spray system).

Finally, the last question the customer should ask, “Is what wood finish will be applied to the wood piece to give the final outcome?” Because wood is a versatile material and countless functions, wood finish is equally as diverse. For instance, the versatile material is measured by the resistance of water, chemicals, solvents, heat and scratches. Mix that with wax, shellac, lacquer, and water-based finishes will show damage if exposed to water enough.

The main question that the customer should ask his or her custom woodworker is the skill level when finishing a wood piece for production. The reason, the level of the custom woodworker’s experience, environment in which they work in, the spray system that they are familiar with, the temperature and dampness of the shop, as well as the amount of sanding dust in the air, will affect your choice in the final finish of the product for which you have hired to complete.

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