Advantages of a Hidden Door Bookcase

Published by Jim Bell     September 26, 2021

As we finish up a three-month custom woodworking project I have come to the realization that hidden bookcases have both advantages and add an aesthetic decor to a home.

One of the top reasons why my customers add a hidden door to their home is for added storage space. No matter how one looks at it the door that your adding to the bookcase allows you to save floor space to a particular area in the house. A space that originally would have been deemed unusable is now an advantage. For example, by turning the space into a usable swing bookcase door you can reduce the amount of furniture you are trying to arrange. In addition, the amount of space for storage that you were looking for in the house now can be used to store DVDs, puzzles, and games on the door bookcase.

I think one of the most intriguing reasons why customers add a hidden bookcase door is the mystery that is added to the home. Think about it, we all have watched spy movies, mystery and scary movies, even, the Harry Potter series and it all adds an element of surprise to the home.   Now, by having a hidden door bookcase in your home not only will your kids love it, but also, it will give your guests something to talk about.

The added storage space that a hidden door bookcase gives to the home will increase the value of the resale of the home. As long as it is functional to the room, high quality, and  flexible enough to accommodate the next homeowner’s storage needs you will have set a trend of originality to exist for years to come.

If you are interested in a quality and original hidden door bookcase in your home, please give us a hollar, Juniata Custom Woodworking, LLC and we will only be to happy to give you an estimate, design, and quality addition to your home that keeps the family and guest(s) talking about “Hidden Door Bookcases” for years.

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